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Utility Management Services

At Apollo Energy, it is our aim to offer you a complete utility solution; a one-stop-shop where you can manage all aspects of your business utilities. As such, we have developed a wide range of market-leading utility management services.

From help procuring new gas or electricity contracts to specialised installation of smart energy meters and other energy-efficiency equipment, we have the dedication and expertise to help. In fact, we have significant experience in many areas of utility management, so no matter what you’re looking for, Apollo Energy can deliver.

Market-leading utility management services

Apollo Energy are proud to be different. We don’t just offer the ‘standard’ level of utility management services you would expect from any utility broker; we go that extra mile to ensure everything you need can be found in one place – right here. What’s more, we’re always striving to improve our offering of services – so we’re always one step ahead of our competition.

How can our utility management services help your business?

Apollo Energy’s directors have over 50 years’ experience working within various sectors of the utilities industry – a valuable asset to carry, and a level of utility management experience you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

It’s this experience and knowledge, coupled with our dedication to providing an unbeatable service that puts us in a great position to help your business save money and become more efficient.

Managing your business utilities on a day-to-day basis can be a burden to a lot of companies and organisations, often using up valuable resources that could have been applied elsewhere – like developing their core business, for example.

We have spent years developing strong relationships with the majority of industrial and commercial energy suppliers; which enables us to negotiate the very best contracts for our clients, offering you a whole-of-the-market service.

Want to know more?

If you feel as though you’re spending too much on your business utilities and you’re interested in our utility management services, it couldn’t be easier to find out more. There are several things you could do:

If you’re unsure as to which business utility management service you might need, get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your business’ requirements.

Our Services

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