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Why Choose Apollo Energy?

Apollo Energy is an established team of independent utility management consultants whose directors have more than 50 years’ experience working within various parts of the utility industry. As energy brokers, we have assisted many organisations in rationalising their approach towards utility management; resulting in improved efficiency and financial benefits.

When it comes to choosing an energy broker, there can be a lot to consider – so what sets Apollo Energy apart from others?

Industry relations

We have developed strong working relationships with a large number of industrial and commercial energy suppliers – which means you won’t be offered one or two contracts from one supplier when we procure the best deal for your business; you’ll have the very best of the market to choose from.

Commitment to utility management best practice

As full, accredited members of the UIA (Utilities Intermediaries Association), we are committed to their industry code of practice – which demonstrates our on-going dedication to providing a reliable and trustworthy service to all of our clients; regardless of their size.

In-house expertise

All of our in-house energy consultants undergo a bespoke training programme to ensure they are ready to provide the market-leading service we are known for.

Using their knowledge and data we gather from the market, they are well-equipped to secure contracts for your business at the best possible time.

On top of this, our purpose-built database software helps to ensure that we lead the way when it comes to utility management. We invest in our business to ensure you get nothing short of the best service from Apollo Energy.

We’re proud of our service

We’re proud of the high standard of service we offer. Since our foundation in 2001, we have taken pride in building strong relationships with our clients; taking time to understand their business – after all, the more our energy consultants know about your business, the more money we should be able to save you.

Speak to one of our energy consultants today to find out how Apollo Energy could help your business.