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25th January - The UK solar sector added 500MW of capacity in 2020 as investment in the technology grew. Read more here. (Business Green)

24th January - Renewable Energy consumption surpassed fossil fuels in Europe in 2020, with wind and solar nearly doubling since 2015. Read more here. (CNN)

20th January - All new homes in the UK are to be zero carbon ready by 2025 according to new government targets. Read more here. (Energy Live News)

18th January - A new hybrid nuclear power plant (WYLFA) is set to be built in Anglesey. Read more here. (BBC)

15th January - Scientists claim Carbon Capture is the best way to meet the UK's Climate Change targets. Read more here. (Guardian)

14th January - One Electric Vehicle was registered every 180 seconds in the UK last year. Read more here. (Energy Live News)

12th January - The International Energy Agency has outlined a net zero roadmap for the global energy industry. Read more here. (Business Green)

7th January - Coventry and Oxford are competing against each other to get their hands on £50m of electric bus funding, creating the nation's first electric bus city. Read more here. (Business Green)

5th January - The UK government has provided a £4.6m fund for businesses to soften the blow of the expected recession. Read more here. (Economic Times)

4th January - The UK is said to have the highest decarbonisation rate in the world, with emissions decreasing by 3.7% every year since the turn of the century. Read more here. (Energy Live News)

23rd December - A Brexit deal moved a step closer and EU states prepared themselves to sign contracts, strengthening the Pound and boosting European markets. Read more here. (The Guardian)

22nd December - Renewables accounted for 46% of German power consumption in 2020, an increase of 4%. Read more here. (Energy Live News)

21st December - The UK experienced strong offshore wind levels over the weekend setting new records. Read more here. (

18th December - The International Energy Agency predicts that global coal demand will increase by 2.6% in 2021, with the highest demand in China, India and South East Asia. Read more here. (Energy Live News)

17th December - Rugeley Coal Station in Staffordshire was closed in 2016 but plans are afoot to convert it into a low-carbon community hub, led by Engie. Read more here. (Business Green)

15th December - Drax is set to sell four power stations in a £193m deal as it focuses on its flexible and renewable plans. Read more here. (Business Green)

14th December -  A Saudi Arabian oil tanker was booby trapped with an explosive device, linked with the on-going conflict with Yemen, causing concerns in regard to oil transit in the region. Read more here. (CBS News)

10th December - Canada has become the third country, after the UK & Bahrain to approve Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, with a roll-out expected next week. While the US is yet to confirm, this news is expected to boost global demand forecasts and support financial markets. Read more here. (Guardian)

9th December - EDF now offers the cheapest off-peak Electric Vehicle charging tariff on the market with its zero carbon ‘GoElectric 35 tariff’, providing a boost to the sector. Read more here. (Energy Live News)

8th December - New £100m Green Energy facility planned for Hull which will produce components for wind turbines and electric cars. Read more here. (Yorkshire Post)