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16th April - Uniper plans to convert coal plant into electrolysis plant to produce green hydrogen. Read more here. (ELN)

15th April - Project to explore floating wind, tidal and wave power planned for Isles of Scilly. Read more here. (CNBC)

14th April - Oil markets have increased on the back of a decline in US stocks and OPEC revised its demand outlook. Read more here. (Economic Times)

12th April - A new report suggests that bioenergy and carbon capture technology could save the UK £4.5bn over the next decade. Read more here. (Energy Live News)

9th April - Shipping giants, Stena aims for its fleet and cargo to be net zero by 2050. Read more here. (Business Green)

7th April - High levels of wind and solar contributed to the UK's greenest ever energy mix over the Easter period. Read more here. (BBC)

6th April - Oil markets are optimistic that demand levels are set to rise following OPEC's decision to increase production next month. Read more here. (Oil Price)

1st April - Popular streaming service, Netflix has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2022. Read more here. (Energy Live News)

29th March - Berlin based EV battery upcycling firm receives €2.1m in funding. Read more here. (Energy Live News)

26th March - The UK's Greenhouse gases dropped by 9% in 2020 due to the impact of Covid-19. Read more here. (Business Green)

24th March - The Suez Canal has been blocked by a huge container ship which has run aground, causing significant disruption. Read more here. (Al Jazeera)

22nd March - EDF is to close its West Burton coal power plant in 2022. Read more here (Business Green)

18th March - China's 2060 carbon neutral targets will provide a huge boost to global energy and economic security. Read more here. (ReNews)

17th March - The UK's first carbon capture project, HyNet North West has received £72mn government funding. Read more here. (Energy Live News)

16th March - A new industry report has revealed three pathways on how aluminium can play a major role in meeting decarbonisation targets. Read more here. (Business Green)

15th March - Hinkley Point C releases its Coronavirus plans  to keep the workforce and the community safe. Read more here. (EDF)

11th March - Norway has unveiled the world's first liquid hydrogen ferry, a huge step forward for greener marine transport. Read more here. (Energy Live News)

9th March - The UK has announced a £90m fund to develop floating wind, biomass and energy storage technology. Read more here. (Energy Live News)

5th March - OPEC encouraged Russia to implement more significant oil cuts as members extended production cuts into April. Read more here. (Bloomberg)

2nd March - Growth of Danish developer, European Energy shows the potential of green energy despite the global pandemic. Read more here. (RENews)

1st March - The 859MW Triton Knott windfarm off the coast of Lincolnshire has generated its first energy, a project capable of powering 800,000 homes. Read more here. (Energy Live News)

26th February - The UK government needs to invest over £48 billion if it is to meet its net zero targets for the housing sector. Read more here. (The Energyst)

25th February - The UK Energy Market could face a period of instability due to a delay in confirming new carbon trading policies. Read more here. (Financial Times)

24th February - A 2.9MW solar project is set to be built in Peterborough on a former landfill site. Read more here. (Energy Live News)

23rd February - A UK trade group has released a roadmap for the deployment of clean hydrogen energy by 2050. Read more here. (ReNews)

22nd February - Oil prices have increased by 3% as oil facilities in the US have been eased back online following the recent extreme weather. Read more here. (CNBC)