8th May 2013 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Industry News

Northampton Saints rugby club have installed 200 solar panels on their Franklin Gardens stadium in order to significantly lower their carbon footprint, Solar Power Portal reports.

The rugby club already use the Franklin Garden's lake to provide irrigation for the pitch and are now looking to use solar power to help power the historic stadium. The 50KWp array will be placed on the south-facing Burrda stand which gets the highest percentage of sun when compared to the other three stands.

The chief executive of the Northampton Saints, Allan Robson said: "We're fortunate to have our own stadium, rather than having to ground share, so we can explore options that will benefit the club in the longer-term. In an era when electricity prices are continuing to rise, looking into alternatives which generate renewable energy is something which makes a lot of sense.

The Burrda Sport Stand was the perfect location, and the technicians tell us that they have rarely worked on a better site for solar panels." More and more people are turning to solar energy to help power their business in order to lower their carbon footprint and save money.

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