4th June 2020 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Industry News

Drax Electric Insights have shown significant changes to how power is consumed in the UK during the first quarter of this year.

The nation’s electricity network and system is seeing a major transformation right now, with a focus on introducing new, cleaner technologies designed to reduce carbon emissions, while ensuring energy is still affordable.

Smart grids also look to improve the sharing of data and information, so it can be accessed instantaneously, 24 hours a day. This creates more accurate billing and helps establish more efficient systems.

An expected growth in electric vehicles will also challenge the network and require significant shifts in load management and infrastructure.

These factors combined have seen the grid evolve, with more growth expected over the coming decade but it is not just the technology that is changing. The fuel itself is also different.

The UK has gone coal-free for over two months now, with the growth in both offshore and onshore wind power and the phasing out of fossil fuels taking effect.

Coal is expected to be completely phased out by 2025 with the nation relying on low carbon energy sources and implementing large-scale battery storage projects instead.

Drax provides independent analysis and data relating to supply, demand, costs and the environmental impact of electricity in Great Britain.

Created by the Drax Group, large-scale power generators within the UK, these insights are compiled by academic researchers and use public data to create informative visualisations which aim to stimulate debate within the industry.

To keep up to date with electricity generation in the UK, read our power generation insights which are compiled from data provided by Drax, Elexon, National Grid and Sheffield Solar.