4th April 2013 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Industry News

For the third year in a row utility bills have increased in the UK which has added to ever growing living costs.

Northern Ireland and Wales have seen a considerable increase in costs while London remains the most expensive place to live in Britain. Owning and running a home in the UK has reported to have increased by 1.9% going from £9,411 to £9,590 last year and is 2% higher than 5 years ago, a difference of £184.

utility bills

Water and fuel bills are a major factor in the rise in cost, gas and electricity bills have grown on average by 4.2% (£70) in the last 12 months and water have jumped by 5.6% (£27). Since 2008 the total cost of gas, electricity and other fuels have gone up by 57%, in January 2013 fuel bills accounted for 18% of consumer income.

The smallest rise in utility bills was seen in the East midlands and London (both rising by 2%) whereas the biggest increase was seen in Northern Ireland (rising 4.8%) and Wales (rising by 4.1%). In London the average cost of owning and running a home was £12,094, the highest in the country and is 26% (£2,504) above the UK average.