15th August 2012 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Industry News

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has given the 'green light' for a 'pioneering clean energy hub' in Scotland, the Information Daily reports. The hub, which will include Europe's largest hydrogen bus fleet, will be given funding of up to £3.3m. This money will enable Aberdeen City Council (supported by Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group) to begin the first phase of the project; ordering 10 hydrogen fuel-cell buses, which produce water vapour instead of carbon monoxide. It's expected that the buses will be put into operation by early 2014  and will be refuelled at the country's first large hydrogen refuelling station. Alex Salmond commented: "Through our Green Bus Fund, the Scottish Government is already supporting the roll-out of 74 low carbon buses, such as diesel-electric hybrids, to reduce harmful vehicle emissions.   Hydrogen buses will produce zero local emissions." Both the Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise have committed up to £1.65m each to support the project.