16th November 2021 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Company News

We are closed from Monday 20 December until Tuesday 4 January

At Zenergi, we feel we’re pretty good at demonstrating how much we care about our team with genuine gestures big and small. This year, to recognise the exceptional hard work and dedication shown by our team, we have decided to extend our traditional break between Christmas and the new year, with a wellbeing week for the whole Zenergi family to enjoy from Monday 20 December.

Throughout the pandemic our team went above and beyond to continue working despite the most challenging of circumstances, and enabled us to maintain the high level of service our customers have come to expect from us wherever possible, without interruption.

We understand this has not been easy, and feel it is important we find a way to show our appreciation. For this we feel strongly our amazing team deserve to spend a little extra time this year on us, ensuring they come back in the new year refreshed and renewed, to put the challenges behind us and to catapult our positive+energy into a successful 2022 for our valued customers, suppliers and colleagues.

This means our last day will be Friday 17 December and, whilst we will be working hard up to the last hour to ensure we clear the decks and deliver everything expected of us, we hope you will be able to support us in making this thank you possible. We will be communicating with individual customers with whom we are working on things with over the coming weeks but, for now, if there is something you require from us before January, please do try to put that on our radar with your Relationship Manager as soon as possible. We will work extra hard to use the time available to ensure you are not impacted, however, some of the senior team (our CEO) will of course be on hand for any emergencies should anything occur that is out of anyone’s control.

Finally, we thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this most difficult of times for our families, our country and the planet, but your continued support of the Zenergi family, and our desire to delight our customers is genuinely what drives us to keep going every day. We sincerely hope you too get the opportunity to have a well earned break over the festive period and we look forward with optimism to see what next year will hold.