Submitting estimated meter readings can easily result in your business receiving significantly higher energy bills than it would have done had you submitted ‘exact’ readings. However, finding the time to take regular and accurate readings can be very difficult – which is where an electricity smart meter can help.

What is an electricity smart meter?

A smart meter from Apollo Energy would replace your existing meter and is able to send automatic meter readings to your supplier via a mobile phone network, resulting in accurate energy bills.

According to government policy, all businesses with profile class 05-08 electricity supplies had until 31st Dec 14 to install a smart meter - smaller businesses will be required to do the same by 2019.

How could my business benefit from electricity smart metering?

Aside from the obvious benefit of having your meter read automatically, there are several other key advantages smart metering can offer your business. For example:

  • You can put an end to estimated and inaccurate bills. From now on, your bills will accurately represent the volume of energy your business has consumed.

  • Managing and making payments should now be easier – with much less administrative work attached. You won’t have to ‘balance the books’ if you have under-paid, and you won’t have to chase your supplier for money if you have over-paid.

  • With accurate readings, it should be easier for you to highlight areas of ‘high consumption’ – which will allow you to set targets for your business to become more efficient and reduce its costs.

While a smart meter for businesses won’t save you money overnight; it could help to reduce the cost of your electricity bills in the long-term.

What next?

If you would like to discuss having an electricity smart meter installed on your business site, get in touch with one of our energy brokers today.