As a trusted, independent energy broker Apollo Energy can negotiate the most cost-effective gas tariff for your business.

Suppliers' competitiveness varies significantly throughout the year and our energy consultants research the entire marketplace to find the best value solutions, whether you are setting up a contract for the first time or beginning the renewal process.

We work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and manage the entire process from start to finish, freeing up valuable in-house resources.

From initial contact with the energy suppliers to dealing with complex legislation and technicalities, Apollo Energy is a dedicated energy partner providing best advice, support and expertise.

What we do

  • Gather all information about your site to enable the tender process to begin.
  • Prepare tender documents and develop pricing schedules.
  • Issue the tender to all eligible suppliers and use our own framework for public sector clients to ensure full compliance.
  • Perform detailed analysis of all contract offers received and produce a fully auditable summary report to assist your decision.
  • Provide recommendations on which contracts are the best value for your company.
  • Liaise with the successful gas supplier through the contract completion and registration process.
  • Ensure your new contract starts on time.
  • Administer all billing and contractual issues throughout the duration of the gas contract and work in partnership towards the resolution of any issues.
  • Manage the gas contract renewal process.Regardless of the size of the gas supply, whether it’s single or multi-site, daily or monthly metered, it’s important to remember that your business can generally save money by tendering its contracts.