A trusted provider of utility management solutions for businesses

Apollo Energy is a trusted provider of utility management solutions for businesses and is committed to offering exceptional levels of service and expertise. We are focused on providing proactive, independent and market leading energy consultancy services which go 'above and beyond' expectations.

Apollo Energy was acquired by Zenergi in 2019, expanding the group's service offering to including housing, local authorities and transport, as well as increasing its regional service to include the north west. Read more about the Zenergi Group here

Our Energy Consultants work closely with clients to bring visibility and transparency to a complex sector, combining value-added innovation with in-depth industry knowledge and experience. We source best-value contracts and provide a range of key services to monitor, manage and control usage as well as advise on regulatory compliance. 

As founding members of the Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA), Apollo Energy supports and abides by a strict code of industry practice.

Apollo Energy works across a wide range of sectors including:

  • Retail
  • Housing Sector
  • Public services
  • Transport
  • Leisure, Sport and Tourism
  • Manufacturing Industry