Our flexible energy procurement service enables businesses to take advantage of wholesale price movements to buy gas and electricity at the most optimum time.

Flexible energy purchasing can be a difficult process but our experienced energy consultants provide support and expertise to find the best solutions based on usage and current rate.

How could your business benefit from flexible energy procurement?

  • The wholesale market changes constantly throughout the day, offering opportunities to secure volume at a lower rate. 
  • More control over your energy purchasing will help generate lower energy bills. Please note the energy markets rise as well as fall.

Our flexible energy contracts

Our consultants monitor the energy market throughout the day and provide in-depth analysis to identify the best time to enter into a new gas or electricity contract, minimising any potential risk and assuring best value.

If we notice a change in the energy market and think your business could benefit from it, we will contact you to see if you would like to take advantage of the change. We can then adjust your contract accordingly.

For further information see our daily market analysis updates