Here are some key events that are related to the energy and gas industry.

Start of Storage Year

The UK’s gas storage year runs from the start of May to the end of April and the amount of storage capacity at sites can strongly impact gas prices.

1st April 2018

DCP 228 - Changes to Common Distribution Charging Methodology

DCP 228 will result in a revision in the banding system used to calculate DUoS charges so they reflect the costs incurred by network operators during peak and non-peak times.

1st April 2018

Increase to Gas Distribution Charges

Gas distribution charges are set for an increase in April due to changes to the total allowed revenue for network operators.

1st April 2018

Brexit date

The date for the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union, with 52% of voters choosing to leave in the June 2016 referendum, this is expected to lead to volatility on the energy markets.

29th March 2019

End of Carbon Reduction Commitment

The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme will be abolished following the 2018/19 compliance year. In parallel, there will be an increase in the Climate Change Levy (CCL) ensuring the change is a fiscally-neutral reform for the Government.

31st March 2019

Change to DUoS Charges

Annual revision of the banding system which is used to calculate Distribution Use of System charges so they reflect the costs incurred by network operators during peak and non-peak times.

1st April 2019

Rise in non-energy costs

Non-Energy costs are expected to increase significantly from the 1st of April 2019 with Contracts for Difference, Renewable Obligation and Capacity Market supplier charges showing the most significant changes.

1st April 2019

Launch of SECR

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) regulations are set to replace the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme from April 2019

1st April 2019

Feed-in Tariff Scheme Scrapped

The Feed-in Tariff scheme will be scrapped from April 2019 with no plans to replace the scheme which was put in place to incentivise small scale renewable energy generation.

1st April 2019

ESOS Compliance Deadline

The second phase of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme which helps businesses minimise the cost of meeting energy efficiency measures.

1st December 2019

Water Price Review

In December 2019 Ofwat will conduct a review to set final price limits and help create framework for the long-term future of the industry in order to safeguard consumers.

1st December 2019

Planned date for Ofgem’s Targeted Charging Scheme

Currently under review, Ofgem are assessing how residual network charges should be set and recovered in Great Britain. This will result in changes to Transmission Network Use of System and Distribution Use of System charges.

1st April 2020

Ofgem to launch Centralised Switching Service

Ofgem have confirmed plans to create a faster switching program which would combine both gas and electricity.

1st June 2021