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Updated  - 20/07/2018 - 9.33pm



ContractPriceChange from Yesterday
Day-Ahead £57.35/MWh -£1.05/MWh
Year-Ahead £57.17/MWh +£0.04/MWh
Aug-18 £57.10/MWh £0.00/MWh
Q4-18 £62.00/MWh +£0.15/MWh


ContractPriceChange from Yesterday
Day-Ahead 58.60ppt -0.15ppt
Year-Ahead 58.07ppt +0.02ppt
Aug-18 58.24ppt -0.06ppt
Q4-18 63.18ppt +0.01ppt

Brent and Coal

CommodityPriceChange from Yesterday





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