The latest Electricity, Gas, Brent and Coal prices.

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Prices valid  - 25/01/2021 - 9.22am



ContractPriceChange from Yesterday
Day-Ahead £70.60/MWh


Year-Ahead £57.58/MWh +£1.26/MWh
Feb-21 £70.77/MWh


Q2-21 £55.91/MWh



ContractPriceChange from Yesterday
Day-Ahead 62.10ppt +1.10ppt
Year-Ahead 48.39ppt +0.26ppt
Feb-21 61.45ppt +2.18ppt
Q2-21 45.65ppt +0.52ppt

Brent and Coal

CommodityPriceChange from Yesterday





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