Our Bill Validation service ensures you are only billed for the energy you use, at the rates that have been agreed with the supplier.

Mistakes are often made through estimated billing and incorrect contract charges which means many business overpay by considerable amounts each year. Monitoring invoices in-house can be a time-consuming and costly activity and this is where Apollo Energy's Bill Validation service can help.

The benefits of a professional Bill Validation service

Apollo Energy’s Bill Validation software highlights discrepancies by reviewing and recalculating each component of the invoice. It matches contract rates and consumption with invoice details. Our bespoke software not only validates the invoices but highlights usage which is higher or lower than expected, informs where meter reads are required for accurate billing and details where sites have been invoiced for incorrect periods. Our account managers deal directly with suppliers to resolve incorrect invoicing, providing a full report and peace of mind that companies are paying only for the commodities they use.

Bill Validation Dashboards

"A number of high-profile businesses trust us to analyse their energy bills, here’s why..."

Utility Manager at a High Street Retailer:

“Bill Validation was an expense we thought we couldn't budget for but we recognised it was a vital tool in our business to ensure accurate billing. So we did this in-house for many years, thus putting pressure on our already busy department. As we moved ever closer to 350 stores we realised we needed to look into this service further.

“So, we trialled bill validation with Apollo Energy on our gas accounts last year and haven't looked back.

“Apollo manages the whole process which includes liaising with our supplier on any billing issues. “We never have to pick up a telephone to suppliers as Apollo manages everything. We have since given Apollo our electricity accounts to manage and validate. It used to take one person around 1-2 days just validating and then another day liaising with suppliers. Not any longer; everything is dealt with via Apollo and with ease too!!!

“So, our initial reservations of costs were unfounded. Sometimes you can't quantify time and you certainly can't buy time back once it's gone. I couldn't recommend the Bill Validation service at Apollo highly enough."

What next?

If you’d like to take advantage of our commercial bill analysis services, just get in touch with us today, or fill in the short enquiry form on this page and we can contact you to discuss your requirements. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer then feel free to download our bill validation brief by clicking the button below.

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