The Renewables Obligation Charge (RO Charge) was initially introduced in 2002 to support large-scale renewable energy projects. It outlines the amount of renewable energy that must be sourced by electricity suppliers in order to limit the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced that suppliers must source a specific percentage of their electricity from renewable sources and produce Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) for every MWh of electricity produced to the DECC.

PeriodRO Level (%)Buy-Out PriceRO
Charge (MWh)
Charge (KWh)
2012-2013 15.8% £40.71 per ROC £6.43/MWh 0.643p/KWh
2013-2014 20.6% £42.01 per ROC £8.66/MWh 0.866p/KWh
2014-2015 24.4% £43.30 per ROC £10.57/MWh 1.057p/KWh
2015-2016 29.0% £44.33 per ROC £12.86/MWh 1.286p/KWh
2016-2017 34.8% £44.77 per ROC £15.58/MWh 1.558p/KWh
2017-2018 £45.58 per ROC
2018-2019 £47.22 per ROC
2019-2020 £48.78 per ROC