A free business water audit can reduce costs by up to 80%

Businesses in the UK are commonly overcharged for their water usage because of estimated readings, duplicate billing and general administration errors. This is why more and more organisations are turning to water auditing services to recoup lost money and improve the overall management of their water supply and drainage.

A free water audit can result in significant savings and ensure future billing is correct - our experienced team can reconcile historic billing and arrange a full survey at no cost to your business.

What does a Business Water Audit entail?

  • A full review of water billing, infrastructure, usage, drainage and supply.
  • Once savings or improvements have been identified, our consultants liaise with all relevant parties to ensure a swift reconciliation.
  • In addition to reducing water costs, a full audit can also improve the carbon footprint of your organisation.

Water Auditing Process

The initial steps involve a full bill analysis and a non-intrusive site survey and assessment, this will require of a copy of your water bills and a signed Letter of Authority. This is followed by a full on-site audit carried out by engineers, using diagnostic equipment to identify usage and drainage issues.

Finally, our team liaises with suppliers to correct billing issues, arrange refunds and apply savings going forward.

What potential savings can a water audit identify?

  • Meter Standing Charges
  • An investigation into high water usage
  • Amendments to Surface Water, Property Drainage, Environmental and Rateable Value Charges
  • A review of your water and wastewater tariff
  • Site and band area corrections
  • Allowance Verification
  • Confirmation of trade effluent consents and discharge rates

A full audit can also identify areas which could benefit from the possible implementation of water efficiency measures and technology, including the recycling of rainwater.

Water Audits are free and without obligation – there are no costs involved if a saving is not identified.

Our fee is based on an agreed share of any refund which is discussed openly and transparently.