Apollo Energy has partnered with a leading telecoms wholesaler to offer a wide range of solutions for clients.

telecoms services

  • O2, EE and Vodafone "mix and match" mobile fleet so every user gets their network of choice with the benefit that it’s all on one bill
  • Roaming UK SIM provision to change network depending on which network is available
  • Broadband with a guaranteed repair timeframe
  • Complex IT Solutions
  • Same provider for all telecoms needs
  • Dedicated account management
  • Significant savings available
  • Managed WIFI networks
  • Machine to Machine SIM services, including 100% bespoke shared data solutions

For developers and clients who need telecoms on new sites we can offer a portable 'pop-up office connection' to ensure the site is fully operational at the start of the project – no waiting for traditional broadband connections. Once the site is fully operational the pop-up connection can be transferred to a new location.

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