Fixed energy tariffs mitigate against sudden changes in the energy markets, helping businesses manage budgets and forecasting.

Fixed energy means the price you pay for your energy won't change for the duration of the contract, which is usually between one and three years. It guarantees there will be no surprises should the energy market go through a period of sudden change.

How could your business benefit from fixed energy procurement?

Fixed energy procurement enables businesses to make accurate budget projections for the years ahead, providing stability and peace of mind as well as a reduction in administrative burden.

Our fixed energy contracts

Apollo Energy's energy consultants research and analyse the market to find the most appropriate solutions for your business.

It is important to enter a fixed-price contract at the right time, which is why our team closely track the market every day to produce bespoke market intelligence graphs, helping to identify the best time to purchase energy.

Please note: under fixed energy contracts, there are still some areas of the contract which are subject to change such as transportation and metering charges or government/regulation charges. For further information see our daily market analysis updates and speak to one of our advisers.