31st March 2016 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Industry News

Securing the most cost effective gas and electricity contract for your business is can be far from straight forward, due to the numerous additional charges recently introduced and the various lengths of the contract available.

Using an energy broker can alleviate these issues, especially one which has established a long term relationship with a wide range of suppliers, meaning they can provide a range of options and offer expert advice on the contract most suited to you.
Here are 6 reasons why a business owner, whether it be a large organisation or a SME should acquire the help of an energy broker.

6. Additional Services  - Although getting the best deal is a priority, many established utility brokers can offer much more than an energy procurement service.

For example, you may be given access to you an online Energy Portal, allowing you to have access to billing information for the modelling and comparison of energy usage and charges. You may also have access to analysts who can provide a suite of reports  which will assist you with energy monitoring and carbon foot printing. Professional Utility Management Consultants will offer a comprehensive range of services, some of which are covered in the topics below.

Remember, when choosing an energy broker it is important to consider the full package...

5. Future Expansion - As your business grows you may be considering adding new sites to your portfolio, meaning new meters and new energy contracts may be required. With that in mind it is important to use an energy broker that can provide infrastructure services.

Arranging a new meter installation or upgrading an existing supply can be problematic - an experienced utility consultant can ensure the project is completed on time and without disruption.

4. Bill Validation - Energy Bills are generally presumed to be correct or if there is an error it is expected that it will be corrected on the next bill, but this is not always the case. Bill validation  can be time consuming and somewhat tedious, making it easy to miss a billing error, costing your business money.

Allowing a broker to validate your bills will not only save time, but you can be confident that each bill will be thoroughly checked and any errors will be rectified.

3. Choice - When dealing with numerous suppliers it is easy to feel snowed under by the range of options and the jargon. Brown or green energy? Length of contract? CCL  charges...this can deter you from researching the entire market.

An energy broker can put together a summary of offers from a number of suppliers, with a recommendation of the option most suited for your business and the best length of contract to opt for.

2. Time Saving - Trusting an experienced energy broker to negotiate your gas or energy contract is not only beneficial from a financial viewpoint but it will also free up time to allow you to manage your core business. Resources which would have previously been spent managing your utilities can instead be focused on other matters.

1. Money! - The most important reason to use an energy broker is of course saving money. Getting the best deal on your utilities frees up revenue which can be used elsewhere to help grow and improve your business.

Finding a good deal for your gas and energy contracts yourself may be possible, but without the industry knowledge and experience, it is less likely the same order of saving will be achieved, as could be with the services of an energy broker.