16th February 2018 | Posted by: Apollo Energy | Company News

Apollo Energy has strengthened its proposition as a trusted utility management specialist with the introduction of a new telecoms service.

The business has partnered with a leading telecoms wholesaler to offer a range of procurement services for landlines, mobiles and broadband alongside support services to manage complex portfolio requirements and deliver integrated IT support.

The new service completes Apollo Energy’s portfolio of utility management in gas, electricity and water procurement alongside bureau and site works services.

telecoms services
Formed in 2001, Apollo Energy is a trusted provider of utility management solutions for businesses and is a founding member of the Utilities Intermediaries Association.

Directors Jackie and Eddie Gray said the launch of the new service was a great start to 2018.

Jackie said: “We’re extremely pleased to announce the launch of our new telecoms service which means we can now offer procurement services for all the essential utilities.

“Securing a strategic partnership with a telecoms wholesaler which could meet clients’ need for flexible solutions and total network coverage was vital.

“Not only can we help businesses secure the best value contracts to meet their specific needs, we also have the expertise and capabilities to manage complex portfolio requirements as well as provide a range of services to ensure they are only paying for the service they need and use.

“We can arrange dedicated broadband lines and complement our Site Works services by providing 'pop-up’ office connections during development work.

“We look forward to helping new and existing clients find out more about what we can offer.”

Apollo Energy’s new telecoms services includes:

  • O2, EE and Vodafone ‘mix and match’ mobile fleet - every user gets their network of choice
  • Roaming UK SIM provision to change network depending on which network is available
  • Broadband with a guaranteed repair timeframe
  • Complex IT Solutions
  • Same provider for all telecoms needs
  • Dedicated account management - all requirements on one bill

Apollo Energy’s utility consultants work closely with clients to bring visibility and transparency to complex sectors, combining value-added innovation with in-depth industry knowledge and experience. The team source best-value contracts and provide a range of key services to monitor, manage and control usage as well as advise on regulatory compliance.