15th March 2017 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Industry News

What’s happening:

From 1st April 2018, there is a change to the DCUSA (Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement) that will introduce penalties for users who exceed their authorised supply capacity (ASC). The change is to enable Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to recover additional costs they occur when customers exceed their agreed capacity.

Currently there are no penalties, you are just charged at the same rate for authorised & excess capacity. Once DCP 161 is introduced if your capacity exceeds the value authorised, this will be chargeable at a rate of up to 3 times the standard rate.

With the increased number of half-hourly settled meters due to recent P272 legislation, it is more important than ever to manage your capacity to ensure you will not be penalised.

How can Apollo Energy help:

Apollo Energy will source your half-hourly data and calculate the maximum demand (MD), in kVA not kW, based on the past 12 month’s consumption. We will then compare this against your current agreed supply capacity and make a recommendation to you. This could be an increase to prevent penalties or a decrease where the ASC is disproportionally higher than your MD.

Apollo Energy will carry out the application process with the DNO, be it an increase or decrease in the ASC that is required, and ensure any changes are reflected in your supply contract billing.

What to do next:

Contact Apollo Energy for more information on how a capacity review can help you save money, prevent penalties and manage your energy better.