23rd March 2016 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Market Analysis

Gas Power
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Gas prices displayed mixed movement yesterday as most of the near-curve moved higher, while contracts further out were bearish-to-stable. A healthy supply/ demand picture helped towards a long UK gas system which weighed on prompt contracts, while the far-curve was slightly boosted by a small rebound in Brent. A temporary drop in temperatures in the UK helped to support power contracts on the near-curve yesterday, as consumption levels increased. Weak wind generation also pushed the Day-Ahead contract higher, with a rise in oil offering some support further along the curve.
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Gas fundamentals remain healthy this morning as demand levels are expected to fall further over the weekend, while supply levels will remain comfortable; this has helped contracts decrease across the curve. Meanwhile, Brent has posted a small loss which has created further bearish sentiment on the far-curve. The majority of contracts on the power curve have displayed a loss this morning with direction coming from a weaker gas market and a decrease in oil and coal prices. Milder weather is expected to return to the UK before the weekend which will weigh on consumption, also contributing to the downward trend.

Brent Summary

Brent 1st-nearby prices display a small decrease this morning and remain rather stable since Friday's session, although a rise in output in Iran and pessimism regarding Libya agreeing to a 'freeze deal' has provided bearish pressure.

1-year forward prices

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