21st June 2017 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Industry News

ESOS Phase Two has commenced and participants are encouraged to start working on their energy audits as soon as possible.

Businesses and organisations which qualify for Phase Two of ESOS are advised to begin conducting audits and identifying energy saving opportunities right away, in order to avoid any potential problems or disruption.

An assessment of total energy consumption (TEC) must include the qualification date of the 31st of December 2018 and as such, cannot be carried out now. However, audit work can take place on significant energy consumption (SEC) to give your company a head start.

Any audits must measure energy over a one year period and can be conducted any time between the 6th December 2014 and the 5th of December 2019.

The audit can analyse data that has been measured during any time within this timeframe but must be carried out no later than 24 months after the selected data period; the data must also be different to that submitted in phase 1.

To suit your business needs, different energy streams can be audited at different times, allowing the workload to be spread out.

Making an early start on your auditing can:

  • Help plan your energy audits more effectively
  • Keep disruption to a minimum
  • Help to avoid any potential problems
  • Potentially reduce costs

The Environment Agency’s records showed that around 1,500 organisations which potentially qualified for ESOS failed to make contact and non-compliance investigations took place. This investigation work has now been completed and it confirmed that almost 500 of these organisations did actually qualify for the scheme.

Enforcement notices have been issued to over 300 of these businesses in order to bring them into compliance, with the rest set to be issued before the end of the financial year.

The Agency also received around 1,000 notifications from organisations who stated they did not qualify for ESOS, over 80% have now been assessed and a number have been identified as eligible. Civil penalty proceedings have now commenced against these organisations.

If you are unsure whether your business is eligible for ESOS, or you require further information in regards to energy auditing then get in touch with Apollo Energy by calling us on 01257 239500 or by filling out our quick contact form.