6th May 2020 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Industry News

Tesla has applied for a UK power generation license, suggesting plans for large-scale battery storage projects.

Global automotive firm, Tesla has applied for a power generation license in the United Kingdom. The application was signed off by the Tesla energy products sales director, Evan Rice and was published by Ofgem last week.

The application suggests that Tesla are planning large-scale battery storage projects in the country, adding to its international portfolio with a 100MW scheme installed in Australia back in 2016.

The project in Australia was constructed in less than 100 days, supporting claims that Tesla could become a major player in the UK market within a short space of time.

Experts also believe that Tesla will look to enter UK aggregation and intends to establish itself within the nation’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) market.

The firm has already launched its ‘autobidder’ platform which allows independent power producers, utility providers and capital partners to make money on their battery storage assets via real time trading.

The platform also allows battery storage operators to optimise their portfolio to maximise revenue streams and performance.
In addition to Tesla’s electric car operations, it also supplies battery storage and solar installations to homes and businesses. Autobidder can incorporate both domestic and large-scale projects, allowing for greater flexibility.

Other automotive firms such as Nissan, BMW, Honda and Volkswagen are also looking to follow Tesla’s lead and build virtual power plants.

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