24th February 2020 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Industry News

Research shows that nine out of ten Britons see carbon neutrality as a priority.

Research carried out by green energy company, Pure Planet shows that support for the nation’s carbon neutral goals is growing.

Public support behind the UK’s carbon neutrality aims is 25% higher than it was three years ago. New surveys show that 89% of Brits (previously 64% in 2017) now think that it is vital that the country achieves its carbon targets.

The study also shows that only 3% of people believe that setting a national target to become carbon neutral is not worthwhile.

In addition, to carbon neutrality, the research showed that 82% of people in the UK believe air pollution has a negative impact on their health, with 8% believing it has no impact and a further 10% claiming to be unsure.

The poll was taken by 2,000 adults in the UK with 40% of participants also hoping for improved investment in renewable energy sources, while 33% wanted the government to reduce, or phase out the use of fossil fuels in terms of power generation.

Co-Founder of Pure Planet, Steven Day said: “Public concern about the nature of climate change is unprecedented.

“The public is demanding action on climate change and those in government must pay attention. Britain is currently leading the way in reducing our own emissions but unless those in power increase their actions, we will fall behind.”

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