26th March 2013 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Industry News

Plans are being made to make community shared heating networks Britain's 'third energy utility', Energy Live News reports.

Plans to implement heating networks alongside gas and electricity networks were discussed last week between community & local officials and developers.   Reports from the Combined Heat and Power Association Conference held last Friday claim an investment of around £300m could be made to build the community energy infrastructure with even larger investment expected as the project grows.

District heating schemes are prominent in Scandinavian countries but it is believed by industry experts that UK could be one of the leading nations in the technology.

A representative of Danfoss who supply international district heating equipment said:   "There is no question that the United Kingdom could be Europe's fastest growing district heating market within the next few years". Heating networks supply heat via pipes which distribute hot water from a central location to homes and businesses meaning buildings do not need their own boiler to generate heat. At present these networks only supply around 2% of the UK's heat demand but in the future they could potentially provide up to 14%. To find more information regarding heat networks visit