24th March 2017 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Industry News

Gas suppliers are making final preparations for Project Nexus which is set to go live in less than three months.

Project Nexus is set to be implemented on the 1st June 2017 and UK gas suppliers are preparing for the big changes the replacement system will bring. These preparations will include regular updates to customers to explain the impact of the programme.

Project Nexus is the upgrade of the current central IT systems which link the UK gas network, sponsored by the energy regulators, Ofgem. The current system, UK Link, operated by Xoserve isn’t compatible with some new technology and a full upgrade was deemed necessary.

The implementation date was pushed back last November to the 1st of June 2017 and the upgrading process across the industry will take place during ‘non-effective’ days between the 23 – 31 May. The first business day will be the 6th of June which will allow backlogs to be cleared, however, these dates could change depending on ‘go or no go’ (GONG) assessments.

Impact on gas customers is expected to be minimal with the changes mainly affecting the supplier process. Any change of supply dates will still apply during non-effective days as the transfers will be registered before this period.

Gazprom have confirmed that they will be able to quote for renewal during non-effective dates but any new business requests will depend on Gazprom holding the relevant information on file. It is recommended that only urgent requests are submitted during this time.

As communications via Xoserve will be unavailable, the following processes will be affected:

  • Updating and removing meter technical details on Xoserve’s system
  • Requesting AQ changes
  • Sending readings or consumption data
  • Updating address and other site related data

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