9th April 2020 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Industry News

A windy first quarter in 2020 has seen renewable generation records broken once again in the UK.

Previous renewable generation records in the UK have been smashed thanks to a windy start to 2020, according to energy insight firm, EnAppSys.

EnAppSys’s calculations showed that renewables generated 35.4TWh of power in the first quarter of this year; equating to 44.6% of total generation in the UK.

These figures have risen from 27.2TWh, year-on-year and renewables exceeded gas and coal, combined, for the first time.

Behind renewables, the mix was made up of; gas-fired plants (29.1%,), nuclear plants (15.3%), power imports (7.3%) and coal plants (3.7%).

Paul Verrill, Director of EnAppSys, said that the above figures represent “a significant milestone for Britain’s power industry”.

In other news, demand levels and power prices continue to fall due to the effects of lockdowns across the world in an attempt to contain the Coronavirus.

Verrill added: “The COVID-19 outbreak had only a slight impact on overall demand in Q1 as the ‘stay at home’ requirements only came into force towards the end of March. We expect a greater impact in Q2 – especially if the lockdown continues until the end of June,”

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