As one of the UK’s leading energy brokers we have a wide range of clients within the transportation sector, giving us significant experience in dealing with multiple sites within constantly growing networks. We provide a range of services from getting the best value contracts for sites, to installing new infrastructure and delivering in-depth data analysis.

Our services

  • Apollo’s bespoke reporting suite and customer portal allows businesses to keep track of the energy they use, highlighting energy intensive sites and giving insight on possible opportunities to improve efficiency.
  • With more and more focus being put on carbon reduction, particularly in the transport industry we can secure ‘green energy contracts’, helping businesses improve sustainability and give their customers piece of mind.
  • Our experienced infrastructure team will also be on-hand to deal with any new meter installations, simplifying what can be a time-consuming and stressful process.

Case Study

Recently Apollo installed Electric Car Charging points for Transport for Greater Manchester, all terminals were new connections and the work was completed in 2 phases, covering 71 supplies over a 16 week period.

Smart Meters were also supplied by us for remote access purposes due to supply locations being terminated in feeder pillars, this option was sought for the security and accuracy of reads and negated the need for manual meter readers.

During the entire project we liaised with the network operator, the car charging point installer, the metering company and the client; by ensuring constant communication we were able to minimise delays and deliver the project on schedule.

What next?

If you would like to find out more about how our procurement services for transport could save your business time and money, speak to one of our energy brokers today.