When the electricity supply that is powering your business was installed in the building, you (or whoever was responsible for the billing of the supply at the time) will have been required to state the capacity of supply that is required. While it is possible to assess and gauge the likely requirements, they are usually based on rough calculations and assumptions rather than documented records of usage; so can prove to be inaccurate and unnecessarily expensive over time. For this reason, arranging a supply capacity reduction with your distribution company can be a preferable and cost-effective solution. This isn’t always easy though…

Arrange a supply capacity reduction

In cases where the supply capacity you are paying for is greater than the capacity you actually need to operate your business, you can arrange a supply capacity reduction with the distribution company – resulting in a reduction in the charges you are required to pay. This can take time and can become a drain on your company’s resources; which is why allowing Apollo Energy to do this for you can help ensure you remain focused on your core business.

How Apollo Energy can help

Depending on the conditions of the connections agreement signed when your supply was installed, Apollo Energy could help you secure a reduction in your capacity supply – but more importantly, a reduction in the amount you are paying for your business electricity. We will contact your distribution company on your behalf and negotiate a capacity supply reduction for you – bringing your supply directly in line with your company’s needs; giving you peace of mind that you aren’t paying for a supply capacity greater than your business needs. Please note: a reduction in supply capacity may only be possible after an initial supply period has passed. To find out if your business is eligible for a supply capacity reduction, speak to us today.