There's nothing quite like a Spring clean - so why not give your business utility contracts a Spring clean too? 

If you're not currently using our procurement services or only partially using them, let us review your existing contracts free of charge. There's just three easy steps to start the process...

  • Supply a copy of your current utility/telecoms contract
  • Provide a recent invoice for each site or an electronic bill
  • Download the Spring Review Letter of Authority below and cut and paste the content onto your company letter headed paper, sign and send it back to us.

We will check the rates on your current contract and advise what market rates were available at the time the contract was signed. We will also provide a  forecast of expected prices based on current market conditions for your renewal. For telecoms we will see what market rates are available now to see what savings can be made.

If we spot any anomalies on your contracts/invoices we will raise these with you and offer potential solutions. Following the review, if you would like to make use of our procurement services, please advise your analyst and we will do the rest!

Please complete the Quick Contact form below or send your request along with the required information to [email protected] with "SPRING REVIEW" in the subject title.

Letter of Authority