Energy Price Graph - 10-05-2019

Energy Market Analysis - 10-05-2019

10th May 2019 | Posted by: Libby Fraser | Market Analysis

The longer dated contracts traded lower yesterday, this is following a weakening of the carbon market which began reversing its session-on-session gains. Further downside was added as the Cal 20 coal contract softened over the duration of the day.

Energy Price Graph - 09-05-2019

Energy Market Analysis - 09-05-2019

9th May 2019 | Posted by: Lawrence Carson | Market Analysis

The majority of gas contracts made gains across the curve yesterday. Cold temperatures, lower power production from wind and rallying carbon prices were all responsible for pushing gas prices higher.

Energy Price Graph - 08-05-2019

Energy Market Analysis - 08-05-2019

8th May 2019 | Posted by: Natalie Ivinson | Market Analysis

Trade on Gas was mixed yesterday with an early morning rally, by the afternoon the market turned which saw lower front curve and spot prices due to increasing wind output, rising temperatures and strength in Carbon.

energy price graph - 07-05-2019

Energy Market Analysis –07-05-2019

7th May 2019 | Posted by: Lawrence Carson | Market Analysis

Slightly cooler temperatures than the seasonal norm meant gas prices gained strength across the curve on Friday. Support for the near curve came from Norwegian technical issues, whilst support further out was provided by a firming coal market.

energy price graph - 03-05-2019

Energy Market Analysis –03-05-2019

3rd May 2019 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Market Analysis

Near-curve gas prices climbed slightly higher yesterday due to an undersupplied system and a colder weather forecast for the weekend. Meanwhile, contracts further along the curve were pressured down by weaker oil, power and carbon markets.