12th December 2014 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Industry News

Power Generation Summary

Demand levels are 1.3GW lower on average this week as UK temperatures were slightly milder than the previous week. Temperatures are expected to fall to around the seasonal average over the week but this is expected to be a temporary drop with an uptick expected on Monday. Wind generation saw a significant increase, averaging 5.6GW compared to last week's 2.1GW with these strong levels expected to continue over the next seven days. Coal-fired generation saw a slight rise of 1.2GW, while nuclear power maintained last week's levels and averaged above 7GW. This improved supply picture meant the UK was less reliant on expensive gas-fired generation which fell by over 5GW to average 12.7GW over the past 5 days. The opening price for Day-Ahead power was much lower this week as a consequence of the drop in demand and stronger wind generation. The contract's average opening price was £45.46/MWh compared to £49.21/MWh last week.

power generation graph power demand and day-ahead price    

The figures in the above graphs were recorded at 12pm each day and are not representative of peak levels. For a further insight into the current power market, feel free to read our daily energy market analysis here, or alternatively view the current UK energy prices here.