19th December 2014 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Market Analysis

Power Generation Summary

Demand levels have seen another drop this week on the back of mild weather which has been well above the seasonal average at times. Average demand was 40.4GW compared to 44.8GW last week, representing a 4.4GW decrease. Wind generation levels ramped up this week, strengthening from 2.1GW to 5.6GW and added to a very healthy supply picture. Coal and nuclear generation maintained similar levels to last week as coal decreased by just 0.2GW and nuclear power rose by 0.5GW.   Elsewhere, gas-fired generation fell significantly, dropping from 18.1GW to 12.GW.

This week's opening prices for Day-Ahead power reflected the UK's lack of reliance on expensive gas-fired generation and were much lower compared to last week. Stronger wind generation also helped to weigh on prompt power and the average opening price was £41.85/MWh, compared to £45.46/MWh last week.

coal, nuclear, gas and wind power generation levels UK power demand and Day-Ahead prices  

The figures in the above graphs were recorded at 12pm each day and are not representative of peak levels. For a further insight into the current power market, feel free to read our daily energy market analysis here, or alternatively view the current UK energy prices here.