28th November 2014 | Posted by: Daniel Birkett | Market Analysis

Power Generation Summary

Demand levels in the UK rose significantly at the start of the week and were the highest point in 10 months. Thursday saw an uptick in temperatures which helped to reduce demand levels and temperatures remained above the seasonal average this morning. However, colder weather is set to creep in next week and this should have a significant impact on consumption levels. Wind generation levels remained low throughout the working week and expensive gas-fired generation was required to make up the difference, which was also the case last week. Nuclear generation was 1.1GW higher than last week's levels on average whereas coal-fired generation was up by over 2GW to meet the increase in demand. The rise in consumption levels led to a noticeable increase in the Day-Ahead price for power which had an average opening price of £51.28/MWh this week compared to £48.95/MWh last week.

power demand and day-ahead price

The figures in the above graphs were recorded at 12pm each day and are not representative of peak levels. For a further insight into the current power market, feel free to read our daily energy market analysis here, or alternatively view the current UK energy prices here.